Why is the ad on LocalBitcoins not showing?

There are many factors that affect the visibility of a listing on the LocalBitcoins exchange, such as your trading history, feedback, length of account existence, listing settings, and more.

If your ad is invisible, check to see if this is due to the following common reasons.

Do you have bitcoins in your LocalBitcoins wallet?

If you post ads that involve online payments, you must have at least 0.04 BTC in your wallet, otherwise the ads will not be visible.

Why doesn’t the ad appear on the front page?

Only 6 ads from each category are shown on the first page, with the exception of ads with some high risk payment methods.

You must be an experienced trader with a lot of completed trades before your listings will appear on the front page.

My listing doesn’t show up in the search results!

When you search for ads, a maximum of 15 ads appear in the results. If more listings match your search criteria, you can see them by clicking on the “Show more…” link. and selecting a method of payment. For example, in the case of placing an ad to buy bitcoin at a price of your choice.

When you complete more deals and have more reviews, your ads will also show up among the top 15.

Check your ad for errors using the ad visibility tool

If you still can’t find your listing, there may be a problem with its settings. Go to the public page of the problem ad and at the bottom of the page you will see a tool that you can use to check the ad for errors that are causing it not to appear in search results.

проверка объявления

Click on the ad title to start checking and find out who can open a deal on that ad and who can see it. This will show and explain any possible reasons why your ad is not showing up.

Contact support

At any time you can submit a request to LocalBitcoins support team to ask for help with ad visibility.

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