How do reviews on LocalBitcoins work?

The exchange uses reviews that are shown on your public profile. This estimate, expressed as a percentage. It reflects the amount of positive feedback the account has received.

You can only leave one review, and that review can be of one of four types: trustworthy, positive, neutral, blocking and blocking without recall.

The feedback left will be displayed in the user’s public profile on LocalBitcoins if certain conditions are met, otherwise the feedback remains unconfirmed. Unconfirmed feedback can only be seen by the user who received it and LocalBitcoins administrators; this review has no effect on the review score.

Users who have not conducted any transactions are not allowed to leave feedback; However, if they mark each other as trusted or untrusted users, they can leave reviews trusted, neutral or blocked.

Types of feedback

  1. Trustworthy. A trustworthiness testimonial increases the recipient’s score of reviews and at the same time marks the recipient as a trusted individual. People you mark as verified can only see your ads for verified users. The list of people you have marked as verified is in your profile.
  2. Positive feedback increases the recipient’s feedback score.
  3. A neutral review does not affect the recipient’s review score.
  4. Lockdown. As a result of being blocked, the user will no longer be able to contact you and receive negative feedback from you, which lowers their review score.
  5. Blocking without revocation. This option blocks the user and they won’t be able to contact you, but it doesn’t affect their review score.

What is the difference between verified and unverified reviews?

The withdrawal may be confirmed or unconfirmed. Verified feedback is displayed in the user’s public profile and affects the feedback rating.

Unconfirmed feedback is only visible to the receiving user and administrators.

One of the following conditions must be met for an unconfirmed review to become an affirmed review:

  • transactions between the receiving user and the leaving user must be for an amount greater than 0.2 VTB;
  • the total volume of transactions of the user leaving the feedback should be more than 5 VTB;
  • the user leaving the feedback has undergone identity verification and has a volume of transactions of at least 0.1 BTC.

Can I change a review that I have left?

You can change the review left on Localbitcoins. To do so, go to the public profile of the corresponding user, find the feedback section and click on the button – “Update Feedback”.

You cannot change feedback left for you by other users, however, if you think this feedback is incorrect, you can contact your partners on previous transactions using the “Closed Contacts” section on your Dashboard and ask them to change their feedback.

LocalBitcoins never edits or deletes reviews left by users. Exceptions include reviews that disclose personal information, and reviews that are abusive, racist, or threatening.

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