How do I get the Trader’s Pro badge and the green thumb badge of the LocalBitcoins exchange?

All traders on LocalBitcoins aspire to get the “Pro” trader badge, but only a few achieve it.

In order to receive a “Pro” trader badge, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. you’ve gone through the identity verification process;
  2. account has been registered for more than 150 days;
  3. having at least 100 positive verified reviews;
  4. you have traded a total amount of at least 20 BTC;
  5. your transactions volume for the last 30 days must be 2 BTC.

Once your account meets all of the above requirements, you will automatically receive a “Pro” trader badge. To view your current trading statistics, go to your trading stats in your personal cabinet.

You can view your account registration date and feedback on your public profile page.

How to get the Green Thumb achievement on the buy ads?

The green thumb badge is automatically assigned to your listings on the exchange as a result of a certain algorithm. Its operation will not be disclosed in detail, but it does take into account compliance with certain conditions, upon meeting which your listing on Localbitcoins receives a “green thumb” icon.

The conditions are as follows:

  • the number of transactions and feedback scores in your account;
  • the age of your account;
  • method of payment on your ad;
  • the popularity of this payment method;
  • a recent review on your account;
  • the total and recent volume of bitcoin transactions you have made;
  • how long ago you made your first transaction.

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