How do I change the language on Localbitcoins to English?

Localbitcoins is a reliable international marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin cryptocurrency. When visiting the resource, users are greeted with a foreign interface, provided by default in some regions of the world.

We’ll tell you how to change the language on Localbitcoins so that the information on the site is displayed in English.

The home page of the international cryptocurrency exchange is located at If the link does not open the site, try changing the domain zone. Use “net” after the dot in the name instead of “com”.

If you can't log in
If you still can’t log in, use a proxy server. For example, install Opera browser, which already implements the use of proxy. This feature allows you to visit websites anonymously, bypassing any blockages or bans from the government and ISPs.

Ways to change the language to English

локал биткоин сделать на русском

  1. The option to make Localbitcoins in English is provided to users in the “Services” section at the very bottom. You need to click on the line with the current language, which is active by default. This will open a menu with a list of all available languages to choose from, including English. (Among the languages available: english (en), español (es), français (fr), italiano (it), Russian (ru), Português Brasileiro (pt-br), 简体中文 (zh-cn)).
  2. If, for some reason, the algorithm described above is not possible, you can go another way. To open the localbitcoins net site in English right away, add country-specific parameters to the address bar. Go to this link and save it for future reference.

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