How do I buy a piece of one bitcoin on Localbitcoins (satoshi)?

On the Localbitcoins platform, the price of bitcoin for each ad in the selected currency for 1 BTC is shown next to each ad. For example, if you buy bitcoin for US dollars, the price will be shown as 19 thousand dollars for 1 whole BTC.

This means that if you intended to buy 1 bitcoin, you would have to pay $19,000.

One bitcoin can be divided into much smaller parts. The smallest part is called one Satoshi and is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin.

How to buy less than 1 Bitcoin?

buy some satoshi
In the “Limits” column, you can see that you can buy BTCs even for 2 USD and more.

You can buy a part of bitcoin on the exchange. These parts are called satoshi, it’s like cents. In each ad, you will see the restrictions that the seller works with. They show you the smallest and largest amount of bitcoins that you can buy with such an ad.

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